Top 10 Certifications For Mobile App Testing


With the increasing usage of the internet mobile phones have now become the leading digital platforms, and two fundamental reasons for this increasing access to mobile phones are communication and mobile apps. Mobile apps have replaced PCs by offering convenience and interactive platforms at the tip of the fingers. Everything now is just a few touches away, from booking tickets to making payments online, ordering groceries, medicines, and many other services.

This booming boost in this complex mobile app market demands developing innovative, bug-free, and high-quality mobile apps, and ensuring its functionality and usability before it is delivered to the end users. All of this can only be achieved by performing comprehensive mobile app testing.

Mobile app testing is the process of validating mobile applications for their functionality, consistency, usability, and quality, to make them better by finding and fixing all the bugs and errors present in them. The mobile app testing field is dynamic and growing fast, and ensuring application quality and usability requires specialized professionals with skills and knowledge in the particular field. This demand for specialized professionals provides plenty of opportunities for today’s mobile app testers, and developers.

However, building and advancing a professional career as a tester requires proper certification and relevant skills. Passionate testers always continue to look for ways to highlight their knowledge and motivation to differentiate themselves and their skills and be the first to get recognized. One way to achieve this is by getting a testing certification.

The mobile application testing certification is intended for professionals planning to or working with mobile technology. Testing certifications can provide a competitive edge in the job market for both new and experienced QA professionals. It also enhances the credibility of the resume and helps to get recognized, preferred, and gain trust from mobile development organizations.

In this article, we will discuss top mobile app testing certifications for both aspirants and professionals to get certified for the skills needed in mobile app development and testing. Exploring these certifications will help determine which certification to take that will benefit them the most.

What are mobile app testing certifications?

Certifications are credentials received from accredited institutions or certifying boards on completion of a professional program. They are documents that prove competency at the professional level or proficiency in a specific skill.

Mobile app development and testing certifications are courses that provide knowledge to develop one’s skills and expertise in the mobile app testing field and advance their career. Numerous organizations and platforms offer training courses, boot camps, and certifications for testing at the various stages of mobile app development.

The mobile app industry is always on a continuous rise, hence there is always a need for skilled professionals in this field. Mobile app testing certifications can help in learning critical aspects of app testing, such as planning, test execution, and defect management standards for testing both native iOS and Android apps. This ensures that individuals are equipped with the right set of skills before applying for testing jobs. 

They also provide knowledge about different tools used in designing interfaces and how to develop application testing ideas into working with actual applications.

Need for certifications                                   

Not all mobile app testers get success from testing a super hit app in the first go. To seek a professional career they join top organizations to work as a tester. But organizations also filter their employees through a strict selection process that often involves criteria around extensive experience, field knowledge, skills, industry-wide knowledge, and also degree and valid certification.

Although not all job descriptions require mobile app testing certifications, having them can add a spotlight to a resume or qualify one for getting more preference over other candidates who do not have one, proving a competitive advantage.

Benefits of getting testing certification

Testing certifications are extra professional qualifications given to individuals who demonstrate extensive knowledge and proficiency in their skills and processes.

Below are some benefits of testing certification that can be beneficial for both new and experienced application testers.

Certifications in the app testing field help in gaining the basic knowledge required for a professional role. They also allow the development of application testing skills enough to assist in a role that involves working with app developers or mobile device manufacturers.

Pursuing an advanced certification helps to work towards more advanced app tester positions that require more technical knowledge and skill.

Getting certified in specific areas opens doors to new responsibilities for testers to advance within their current organization and accept greater responsibilities on their team.

Those looking to explore new job opportunities, want to advance to a new position, or gain knowledge of performing new responsibilities the right certification can help them increase value in the eyes of the employer in addition to the current level of experience.

Certification helps in systematizing previously acquired knowledge and helps in testing an individual’s strength by getting to know how good they are in a particular field.

Top 10 certifications for mobile app testing

There are all sorts of certifications available from beginner-level to intermediate, and expert-level for pursuing a career as a mobile application tester. Below is a list of the 

top 10 recognized certifications, which one can choose according to the goals and needs.

LambdaTest Certifications

LambdaTest is the leading automation testing platform that provides various certification courses in a range of programming languages like Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, etc., including web, mobile, API, visual, AI, and various automation tools. LambdaTest certifications program provides full support to individual learners and professionals who want to upskill or evaluate their mobile application testing skills.

It also provides Selenium 101, Cypress 101, Appium 101, and many other certifications at both beginner and advanced levels to those who want to stay ahead and improve their skills and knowledge in the field of mobile and web application development and testing. But one thing to remember is that to get certified for Appium 101 certification in mobile application testing requires knowledge of-

  • UI testing using Appium or any other relevant framework.
  • Understanding of writing reusable and efficient Appium test scripts.
  • Knowledge of mobile web testing on iOS and Android.

LambdaTest is an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform that allows the running of manual and automated tests of web and mobile apps at scale. The platform allows performing both real-time and automation testing on more than 3000 environments, i.e., different browsers, operating system combinations, and real mobile devices.

LambdaTest has also recently added HyperExecute, a next-gen smart test execution and orchestration platform that helps testers and developers run and orchestrate test grids in the cloud in any framework and programming language at the fastest speed possible to cut down on quality test time, helping developers building application quickly.

ISTQB Mobile Testing Certification

ISTQB mobile application testing certification is offered by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. It is for all professionals working with mobile devices and applications. The ISTQB mobile application testing certification shows one’s mobile testing skills and provides insight into mobile device and mobile app testing methods, techniques, and tools.

Anyone who wants to be apt for roles such as project managers, testers, quality analysts, software development managers, test analysts, IT directors, and testing consultants can opt for this certification.

The ISTQB is a foundation-level certification and is for anyone interested in demonstrating basic testing knowledge, including types of application testing, test planning, test execution, and designing, defect management, and assessing risks associated with the application.

Certified Mobile App Tester (CMAT)

The field of mobile application testing is ever-expanding. The IMTQN Certified Mobile Application Tester is a foundation-level certification that involves both mobile testing as well as application testing to ensure better prospects in the field of mobile testing. This certificate course provides an overview of the mobile market and the most significant trends. It addresses topics such as the challenges of mobile application testing, mobile test processes, and mobile performance testing.

Individuals who want to become familiar with technologies and techniques used in mobile application projects, or want to accredit their mobile testing skills for recognition among employers, can opt for this certification.

Agile Tester Certification

Agile testing is a newer approach to application testing that has been gaining traction recently. It is based on the agile application development methodology. Testers at entry level and interested in agile testing can opt for this certification.  This certification is also intended for experienced testers in traditional approaches to software development.

The Agile Tester certification is an add-on to the ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL) certification. This means that only those candidates can apply for Agile Tester certification that first has a valid ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL) certification.

App Security Certifications

This is a multi-level certification that varies from beginner to expert. It is meant for testing professionals who already have worked or are interested in working in the field of mobile application testing to take one step further in their professional lives. Professionals who successfully pass this certification will be able to analyze and document security testing needs, assist in building information on security awareness, plan and evaluate an existing security test suite, perform security tests from various perspectives, and suggest additional security tests.

Certified Mobile Software Test Professional (CMSTP)

Certified Mobile Software Test Professional is an education-based mobile testing certification for filling a major gap in the skills and knowledge required to effectively test and evaluate mobile applications and websites running on mobile devices. The CMSTP is the first education-based mobile testing certification that is based on a comprehensive body of knowledge to help QA and test professionals meet the challenges of testing mobile devices and applications.

All individuals who are responsible for testing mobile applications or websites running on mobile devices, as well as test leads and test managers who intend to manage the testing effort for mobile applications, can pursue this certification.

Certified Mobile Cloud Tester (CMCT)

Many organizations nowadays are moving their testing infrastructure to the cloud. This is because testing in the cloud allows in-house development and offers a hassle-free and less costly cloud setup. This allows test teams to maintain focus on results without the distraction and expense of maintaining an extensive testbed infrastructure.

With this growing cloud testing demand, it is high time for professionals to acquire a cloud testing certificate.  A certified mobile cloud tester is an ideal cloud testing certification provided by the Global Association for Quality Management. This certification program certifies a person is a committed testing professional and has a thorough understanding of key concepts & advanced best practices of cloud testing. It is designed to validate the technical knowledge and skills of professionals to work in the cloud computing environment.

Mobile (Appium) Testing Certification

Huge variations in mobile devices, operating systems, and features have led to increased demands for skilled professionals for automated testing of mobile applications.

Appium is an open-source test automation framework used to test native, hybrid, and mobile web apps. Mobile (Appium) Testing Certification adds value to professionals engaged in mobile application testing. This certification validates the candidate’s skills in automation testing of mobile applications using the Appium.

After getting this certification, a person will be recognized as a Certified Mobile Testing (Appium) Professional who will be able to create and run Appium tests and also correctly apply test automation principles to build maintainable Appium test scripts.

Certified Software Test Professional Associate

Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP) is a software testing certification for anyone involved in software testing who wishes to broaden their knowledge of Mobile Application Testing or individuals looking to kick start a specialist career in mobile application testing.

This certification provides knowledge about principles and practices involved with application testing, defect tracking, static testing, test automation, design, and management.

ASTQB Mobile Testing Certification

Mobile is now the leading digital platform. That is why mobile testing certification is essential to give a powerful brand to the profile and get recruited for new job opportunities.

ASTQB mobile testing certification is the international standard of excellence for testing mobile applications and devices. This Certification helps to provide the knowledge and skills needed for iOS and Android application testing and to become a successful Mobile App Tester. It also provides an advanced view into app testing concepts with relevant techniques and terminology focusing on both theoretical and practical examples.


In conclusion, it is hoped that the above list of mobile testing certifications will be useful for mobile testing professionals.